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  • Walt Disney’s 3 Step Creative Process

    Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday. – Steve Jobs I haven’t been to Disneyland in nearly 17 years! Until about 2 weeks ago. The only things I remember from my first experience, is being able to cut in line, because my grandfather […]...

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  • 5 Benefits of Laughter

    Hey Hottie!  It’s #topictuesday! and what does that mean! It means it’s just another day, to celebrate life…and they call it Tuesday.. It also means, I have fresh content!  Did you know that Statistically & Scientifically Proven, that when people are HAPPY, they perform better, they are...

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  • Natural Repellant : for Dream Snatchers & Motivation Suckers

      We’ve all experience them, “haters” “dream snatchers” “motivation suckers”. Whether, they’re a significant others, just wanting to cuddle and eat ice cream, when you know you haven’t hit up the gym yet, or if it’s family members or close friends, trying to protect you from the […]...

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  • Want Unwavering Confidence? (using Faith to achieve your dreams)

    I once read Faith referred to as an Unwavering Confidence.  Ask any business owner or any one who has reached any level of success in their life and they will tell you that a successful business, a successful life, requires faith…or a high level of this unwavering confidence. […]...

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  • Positive Thinking Is Crap

    I have a confession. My name is Shanelle Kunz and I am a Personal Development Junky. I have been for the passed 6 years.  I read and listen to soo much self help, psychology and have paid for lots of coaching, in my time and it has […]...

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